Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Golden Axe

One day two friends were going somewhere and they saw a golden axe lying on the way. One of them jumped on it and grabbed it. He looked at it for a while and said, 'Aha! I am very lucky to find this golden axe. I will sell this and get lot of money'. On hearing this his friend said, 'Why are you saying that 'You' found this axe? You must say that 'We' found this axe because we both saw it together'. The first friend said, 'I picked the golden axe first, so how can you have any share in it? I will not share it with you'. The second friend kept quiet. Meanwhile the owner of the golden axe came there and asked the one who held the axe, 'Where are you taking my axe? You robber, I will take you to the king'.

He got very scared and told his friend that we both are in great trouble now, neither we would have picked this axe nor we would have been in problem. To this his friend replied, 'A couple of minutes back you were saying that the axe belong to you and now after being caught you are changing colors. It is not 'We' but 'You' who is in trouble'. Hearing this the first friend started crying, the second friend had compassion on him and told the owner of the axe that my friend did not steal your axe, he found it lying here so you cannot blame him for theft. The axe owner released him. The first friend realised his mistake and regretted on deceiving his friend.

Moral: Equal contribution in joy and sorrow make the true friendship go on.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

God Refused To Take Offerings

A man was returning from the jungle with loads of wood logs piled on his bullock cart. While crossing the muddy area through the forest one of the cart wheel got stuck in the mud. The man tried hard to pull out the cart wheel from the mud, he even beat the bulls but all his efforts went in vain. He could find no one for his help finally he closed his eyes and prayed, 'Oh God! Please help me and get this cart out from the mud safely. I will present you great offerings in the temple'. God heard his prayer and appeared. He asked the man 'What do you want?'

The man humbly put his request in front of God and also mentioned about the offerings. God smiled and said, 'Don't beat the bulls rather push the wheel with full force and call out loud for your bulls and see if the cart wheel comes out of the mud or not'. The man did the same and his cart came out safely. He thanked God and promised to pay offerings as he reach home but God said, 'I do not need offerings, I did not help you with your bullock cart you yourself did this job'. God further said, 'I help those who themselves make an effort to accomplish their tasks but those who seek others for help and make no effort themselves do not receive my blessings'.

Moral: God help those who help themselves and when we do our work ourselves many helping hands join our way.