Saturday, July 31, 2010

Our Deeds Decide Our Fruit

Once there was a rich man named Chandushah in the kingdom of Jehangir. He sent a marriage proposal to sikh guru Arjundev Ji for their son Hargobind Singh Ji and his daughter but Arjundev Ji rejected his proposal. Chandushah got angry on this rejection and was in search of an opportunity for revenge. Chandushah earned close proximity with Jehangir and started bad biting him saying that Guru Granth Sahib consists of many anti-muslim talks. Jehangir ordered Guru Arjundev Ji to extract those parts from Guru Granth Sahib. Arjundev Ji said, 'Guru Granth Sahib is the praise of the Lord, I cannot dare to extract any part from it.' On this Jehangir penalized him with 2 lacs of rupees, to this Guru Arjundev Ji said, 'I cannot use a single penny from the treasure of Sikh Trust to pay this penality amount.'

Jehangir then gave severe punishment to Arjundev Ji, he made him sit on a heated iron griddle and poured hot sand on his body from above. Seeing this Guruji's well-wisher Miya Meer requested Guruji to allow him to punish Jehangir and his people with his magic powers but Guruji refused, accepting it as God's will. Chandushah's own grand daughter couldn't see this and she brought a glass of soft drink for Guruji. Guruji refused to take it and sent her back with lots of blessings. After five days of severe torture Arjundev Ji extincted in River Ravi. It was heard that later Chandushah got demented and while wandering in the streets of Lahore one day he passed away.

Moral: Good deeds bear good fruits whereas bad deeds always lead to destruction. The path of dishonesty will lead us to dishonest destination.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Newton Was Given Suggestion By His Servant

Mr Laal Bahadur Shastri was a very simple and down to earth person, he respected all humans equally. He had one very fine quality that while discussing the important matters with his colleagues he would often ask his servants and even gardener about their opinion on the related matter. People found this behaviour of Shastriji somewhat weird. One day a friend asked him, 'Shastriji, we are unable to understand this behaviour of yours. Political talks are of complicated nature and beyond a common man's understanding, is it logical to take servants and gardeners opinion on it? Do these people have the knowledge of such serious talks?'

Shastriji smiled and said, 'I will answer this question narrating you a true incident. A cat gave birth to kittens at Newton's 'the inventor of gravitational theory' home. At night when all the doors of the house were closed cat and its kittens would uproar to come out. So Newton told his servant to make two holes in the door, one big for cat and one small for kittens. The servant suggested that one big hole would be enough because if cat can pass through it, kittens also can easily pass through the same hole. Hearing this Newton was surprised that why didn't this simple thing came into his mind.' Shastriji concluded saying that sometimes even a lay-man's advice can be of great help.

Moral: Sometimes even less educated, less intellectual, less knowledgeable people on the basis of their experience put forward useful thoughts which can be of great help in taking big decisions.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sai Baba Gave The Message Of Equality

More than 92 years ago there was a renowned saint in India named Sai Baba who lived in Shirdi. Worshiping God and working for public welfare was his daily deeds. A temple was built there which was looked after by Sai Baba's disciple Upaasani Baba. One day Sai Baba asked his disciple if worshippers come to the temple or not? Upaasani baba replied, 'No'. Then Sai Baba said, 'Well, I would come here sometimes then'. One day Upaasani Baba was getting food for Sai Baba who was in temple, on the way he saw a hungry dog but he ignored him. When he reached to Sai Baba and served him food, Sai Baba said, 'Why did you bother to come here? I was on the way only.' Upaasani Baba understood Sai Baba's indication and decided to rectify his mistake. But the very next day again while taking the food he forgot that.

On the way a poor and sick person requested him for some food but ignoring him he came to Sai Baba and said, 'Master, please have the food !' Sai Baba said, 'I requested you for food on the way but you didn't give me there.' Hearing this Upaasani Baba was filled with guilt, he fell at Sai Baba's feet and said, 'I apologize for my mistake, in future I will treat all human beings equally.'

Moral: People search for God in temples, mosques or in saints but true God rests in the service of poor and needy people.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ishwar Was Punished For Helping His Friend

Exams were going on in the examination hall. All the students were busy solving the question paper. Ishwar who was a brilliant student was also calmly solving his paper but his friend Manish who was sitting behind him was very dull in studies and was trying to catch Ishwar's attention for some help. After finishing the paper Ishwar was revising his paper, grabbing the opportunity Manish again indicated Ishwar for some help. Initially Ishwar was scared at the idea of helping him but when he looked at his friends sad face he placed his answer sheet in such a way so that Manish could copy easily but nothing skipped from the sharp eye of the teacher. He beated Ishwar for this, Ishwar got really hurt with this insult.

After the exam got over the teacher called Ishwar in the staff room and said, 'I am feeling really bad for beating you today'. Ishwar said, 'Sir, I was not cheating I was only helping Manish'. Sir then explained him, 'One who does wrong is certainly a sinner but one who helps the wrong doer is also a sinner. You were not helping Manish rather you were supporting his laziness and dulness. In future he will not be able to do anything without support'.

Moral: The result of every work is a mixture of good and bad. We must indulge ourselves in such works which result in betterment of others.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Trust Your Heavenly Father

A young navy officer and his wife went on a sea voyage for their honeymoon after marriage. The navy officer was quite brave and fearless due to the nature of his job and was enjoying the trip but his wife was very scared as it was her first water expedition. Whenever she told her husband about her fears he playfully roll over the topic. One day her fear turned into reality and there was a huge storm in the sea. She was awestruck to see its enormity and lost all hopes of life. Her husband tried hard to raise up her spirit and confidence but she turned all gloomy.

Seeing all his efforts going in vain he took out a chopper knife and placing it on his wife's neck he asked her, 'Are you not afraid of me?' His wife relaxed for a moment and with a smile on her face replied confidently, 'You are my husband, why shall I be afraid of you?' Placing aside the knife the officer told his wife that God is our Father, even if He is carrying a knife of storm in his hand it is not necessary that He will kill us. He further said, 'As you trust your husband likewise you must trust your Father also. Trusting Him will keep our trip happy and safe.'

Moral: We must never indulge in useless doubts, because it only lowers down our morale. Rather if we keep ourselves at peace and filled with confidence we can face things in a better way.