Saturday, July 31, 2010

Our Deeds Decide Our Fruit

Once there was a rich man named Chandushah in the kingdom of Jehangir. He sent a marriage proposal to sikh guru Arjundev Ji for their son Hargobind Singh Ji and his daughter but Arjundev Ji rejected his proposal. Chandushah got angry on this rejection and was in search of an opportunity for revenge. Chandushah earned close proximity with Jehangir and started bad biting him saying that Guru Granth Sahib consists of many anti-muslim talks. Jehangir ordered Guru Arjundev Ji to extract those parts from Guru Granth Sahib. Arjundev Ji said, 'Guru Granth Sahib is the praise of the Lord, I cannot dare to extract any part from it.' On this Jehangir penalized him with 2 lacs of rupees, to this Guru Arjundev Ji said, 'I cannot use a single penny from the treasure of Sikh Trust to pay this penality amount.'

Jehangir then gave severe punishment to Arjundev Ji, he made him sit on a heated iron griddle and poured hot sand on his body from above. Seeing this Guruji's well-wisher Miya Meer requested Guruji to allow him to punish Jehangir and his people with his magic powers but Guruji refused, accepting it as God's will. Chandushah's own grand daughter couldn't see this and she brought a glass of soft drink for Guruji. Guruji refused to take it and sent her back with lots of blessings. After five days of severe torture Arjundev Ji extincted in River Ravi. It was heard that later Chandushah got demented and while wandering in the streets of Lahore one day he passed away.

Moral: Good deeds bear good fruits whereas bad deeds always lead to destruction. The path of dishonesty will lead us to dishonest destination.

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