Saturday, July 3, 2010

Trust Your Heavenly Father

A young navy officer and his wife went on a sea voyage for their honeymoon after marriage. The navy officer was quite brave and fearless due to the nature of his job and was enjoying the trip but his wife was very scared as it was her first water expedition. Whenever she told her husband about her fears he playfully roll over the topic. One day her fear turned into reality and there was a huge storm in the sea. She was awestruck to see its enormity and lost all hopes of life. Her husband tried hard to raise up her spirit and confidence but she turned all gloomy.

Seeing all his efforts going in vain he took out a chopper knife and placing it on his wife's neck he asked her, 'Are you not afraid of me?' His wife relaxed for a moment and with a smile on her face replied confidently, 'You are my husband, why shall I be afraid of you?' Placing aside the knife the officer told his wife that God is our Father, even if He is carrying a knife of storm in his hand it is not necessary that He will kill us. He further said, 'As you trust your husband likewise you must trust your Father also. Trusting Him will keep our trip happy and safe.'

Moral: We must never indulge in useless doubts, because it only lowers down our morale. Rather if we keep ourselves at peace and filled with confidence we can face things in a better way.

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