Saturday, June 26, 2010

Aurangzeb Was Filled With Respect Towards Durgadas

After the death of Maharaja Jaswant Singh of Jodhpur, Aurangzeb wanted to conquer jodhpur but Jaswant Singh's minister Durgadas Rathore didn't let Aurangzeb succeed in his plans. Durgadas wanted Jaswant Singh's son Rajkumar Ajit Singh to acquire the throne and therefore Durgadas fought with great bravery against the Mughal army. Durgadas was very loyal and brave, during the battle he used to eat and sleep on his horse's back only. For him his country and his responsibility towards it were his first priorities, he even sacrificed his desires and happiness for the sake of his country's security.

Once during the battle, Durgadas caught hold of Aurangzeb's grandson and grand daughter. But he kept them in the kingdom with great respect. After a while Aurangzeb sent a message to Durgadas asking for his grandchildren to be sent back. Durgadas kept the condition of the acceptance of Ajit Singh's right on the throne of Jodhpur. Aurangzeb accepted the condition. When his grandchildren returned to Delhi, Aurangzeb told them that since they were in a non-muslim's home for such a long time now they must read Quran daily. To this his grand daughter replied, 'Even there we used to read Quran daily. Durgadas appointed a muslim lady for us who used to make us read Quran.' Hearing this Aurangzeb was filled with great respect towards Durgadas and he said, 'Suban-Allah ! even if you have an enemy he must be a good human being.'

Moral: Never let enmity be a hurdle in some one's personal respect. Be human at heart collecting the power of goodness.

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