Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Visionary Young Boy

Once there was a village facing drought from a very long time. All the ponds and the wells of the village had turned dry. The villagers were having a hard time. There was a Shiv Temple on the outskirts of the village. The villagers decided to go there, and offer collective prayers to God for the rain showers. The next morning all the villagers; men, women, children and old people gathered and filled with immense enthusiasm they began walking towards the temple. One child in the crowd carried an umbrella with him. Seeing that everyone started scoffing at him. An old man from the crowd asked him, "Son, why are you carrying this umbrella with you"? The young boy replied, "Baba, we all are going to the temple to pray and beseech God for rain showers. While returning back to the village, when it will begin raining this umbrella will be needed."

Hearing that everyone started laughing. The old man said, "Very wisely spoken. You have complete trust in God, and if it does rain, then it will be due to your prayers and firm faith in God". On reaching the temple, all the villagers prayed together and began returning to their village, while they reached half-way it started raining heavily. The young boy proudly opened his umbrella and the rest all reached home wet.

Moral: Chanting the name of God, will not bring you closer to him. For this one must experience, practise and feel his presence with firm faith.

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