Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Sweetness Of Mangoes Bittered Relations

There were two childhood friends, who after completing their studies started a joint venture. Their business grew well with time, and so did their relationship. Everyone felt amazed to see the love and affection even between their families, but one day an incident took place which shook the roots of their friendship. One day when both the friends were in the shop, a mango seller was passing by, they bought a basket of mangoes from him and kept it in the shop. After a while, one of them had to leave for some important work and before leaving he told his friend to divide the mangoes and he left. While making the division, he thought about his son who loved mangoes a lot and out of greed he selected larger and riped mangoes for his family and left the smaller ones for his friend.

When the first friend returned and saw the division he felt apprehensive, but he held peace. The next day he met the advocate and got the papers ready for the end of partnership in the business. The other friend shockingly asked him the reason behind the division. To this the first friend replied, "Yesterday I saw that you kept the bigger mangoes for yourself and the smaller ones for me. It's not about the mangoes, but about the partiality and greed which cropped up in your heart. Now we cannot work together". This is how the strong bond of friendship broke in a couple of minutes.

Moral: Partiality and greed give birth to indifference in the other person's heart affecting the natural flow of love and affection, which also disturbs the mental peace.

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