Saturday, June 26, 2010

Aurangzeb Was Filled With Respect Towards Durgadas

After the death of Maharaja Jaswant Singh of Jodhpur, Aurangzeb wanted to conquer jodhpur but Jaswant Singh's minister Durgadas Rathore didn't let Aurangzeb succeed in his plans. Durgadas wanted Jaswant Singh's son Rajkumar Ajit Singh to acquire the throne and therefore Durgadas fought with great bravery against the Mughal army. Durgadas was very loyal and brave, during the battle he used to eat and sleep on his horse's back only. For him his country and his responsibility towards it were his first priorities, he even sacrificed his desires and happiness for the sake of his country's security.

Once during the battle, Durgadas caught hold of Aurangzeb's grandson and grand daughter. But he kept them in the kingdom with great respect. After a while Aurangzeb sent a message to Durgadas asking for his grandchildren to be sent back. Durgadas kept the condition of the acceptance of Ajit Singh's right on the throne of Jodhpur. Aurangzeb accepted the condition. When his grandchildren returned to Delhi, Aurangzeb told them that since they were in a non-muslim's home for such a long time now they must read Quran daily. To this his grand daughter replied, 'Even there we used to read Quran daily. Durgadas appointed a muslim lady for us who used to make us read Quran.' Hearing this Aurangzeb was filled with great respect towards Durgadas and he said, 'Suban-Allah ! even if you have an enemy he must be a good human being.'

Moral: Never let enmity be a hurdle in some one's personal respect. Be human at heart collecting the power of goodness.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Visionary Young Boy

Once there was a village facing drought from a very long time. All the ponds and the wells of the village had turned dry. The villagers were having a hard time. There was a Shiv Temple on the outskirts of the village. The villagers decided to go there, and offer collective prayers to God for the rain showers. The next morning all the villagers; men, women, children and old people gathered and filled with immense enthusiasm they began walking towards the temple. One child in the crowd carried an umbrella with him. Seeing that everyone started scoffing at him. An old man from the crowd asked him, "Son, why are you carrying this umbrella with you"? The young boy replied, "Baba, we all are going to the temple to pray and beseech God for rain showers. While returning back to the village, when it will begin raining this umbrella will be needed."

Hearing that everyone started laughing. The old man said, "Very wisely spoken. You have complete trust in God, and if it does rain, then it will be due to your prayers and firm faith in God". On reaching the temple, all the villagers prayed together and began returning to their village, while they reached half-way it started raining heavily. The young boy proudly opened his umbrella and the rest all reached home wet.

Moral: Chanting the name of God, will not bring you closer to him. For this one must experience, practise and feel his presence with firm faith.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Sweetness Of Mangoes Bittered Relations

There were two childhood friends, who after completing their studies started a joint venture. Their business grew well with time, and so did their relationship. Everyone felt amazed to see the love and affection even between their families, but one day an incident took place which shook the roots of their friendship. One day when both the friends were in the shop, a mango seller was passing by, they bought a basket of mangoes from him and kept it in the shop. After a while, one of them had to leave for some important work and before leaving he told his friend to divide the mangoes and he left. While making the division, he thought about his son who loved mangoes a lot and out of greed he selected larger and riped mangoes for his family and left the smaller ones for his friend.

When the first friend returned and saw the division he felt apprehensive, but he held peace. The next day he met the advocate and got the papers ready for the end of partnership in the business. The other friend shockingly asked him the reason behind the division. To this the first friend replied, "Yesterday I saw that you kept the bigger mangoes for yourself and the smaller ones for me. It's not about the mangoes, but about the partiality and greed which cropped up in your heart. Now we cannot work together". This is how the strong bond of friendship broke in a couple of minutes.

Moral: Partiality and greed give birth to indifference in the other person's heart affecting the natural flow of love and affection, which also disturbs the mental peace.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The True Goal

One day, two strangers were walking from a city to their village. A good exchange of talks made their journey easy, and soon they crossed the half way to their village. When they reached the river side they saw that there was no bridge to cross that river. One of them did not know swimming, but seeing no other choice he too decided to swim his way to the other side. The one who knew swimming lost his confidence in the middle of the river, and ended up striving for his life and breath. Whereas the other one easily swam his way and safely reached the other side of the river.

When he saw his companion stuck in the middle of the river he again jumped in the water and got him out safely. On reaching the shore safely the one who knew swimming asked the other that how he could swim so confidently. The one who did not know swimming replied, "My friend the box tied to my waist is full of gold coins, which I have earned for my wife and children working day and night over the years." The one who did not know swimming replied, "My friend the box tied to my waist is full of gold coins, which I have earned for my wife and children working day and night over the years."

Moral: Complete focus on a goal gives us enough courage to overcome all the hurdles of the way without fear.