Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sai Baba Gave The Message Of Equality

More than 92 years ago there was a renowned saint in India named Sai Baba who lived in Shirdi. Worshiping God and working for public welfare was his daily deeds. A temple was built there which was looked after by Sai Baba's disciple Upaasani Baba. One day Sai Baba asked his disciple if worshippers come to the temple or not? Upaasani baba replied, 'No'. Then Sai Baba said, 'Well, I would come here sometimes then'. One day Upaasani Baba was getting food for Sai Baba who was in temple, on the way he saw a hungry dog but he ignored him. When he reached to Sai Baba and served him food, Sai Baba said, 'Why did you bother to come here? I was on the way only.' Upaasani Baba understood Sai Baba's indication and decided to rectify his mistake. But the very next day again while taking the food he forgot that.

On the way a poor and sick person requested him for some food but ignoring him he came to Sai Baba and said, 'Master, please have the food !' Sai Baba said, 'I requested you for food on the way but you didn't give me there.' Hearing this Upaasani Baba was filled with guilt, he fell at Sai Baba's feet and said, 'I apologize for my mistake, in future I will treat all human beings equally.'

Moral: People search for God in temples, mosques or in saints but true God rests in the service of poor and needy people.

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