Saturday, July 24, 2010

Newton Was Given Suggestion By His Servant

Mr Laal Bahadur Shastri was a very simple and down to earth person, he respected all humans equally. He had one very fine quality that while discussing the important matters with his colleagues he would often ask his servants and even gardener about their opinion on the related matter. People found this behaviour of Shastriji somewhat weird. One day a friend asked him, 'Shastriji, we are unable to understand this behaviour of yours. Political talks are of complicated nature and beyond a common man's understanding, is it logical to take servants and gardeners opinion on it? Do these people have the knowledge of such serious talks?'

Shastriji smiled and said, 'I will answer this question narrating you a true incident. A cat gave birth to kittens at Newton's 'the inventor of gravitational theory' home. At night when all the doors of the house were closed cat and its kittens would uproar to come out. So Newton told his servant to make two holes in the door, one big for cat and one small for kittens. The servant suggested that one big hole would be enough because if cat can pass through it, kittens also can easily pass through the same hole. Hearing this Newton was surprised that why didn't this simple thing came into his mind.' Shastriji concluded saying that sometimes even a lay-man's advice can be of great help.

Moral: Sometimes even less educated, less intellectual, less knowledgeable people on the basis of their experience put forward useful thoughts which can be of great help in taking big decisions.

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