Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ishwar Was Punished For Helping His Friend

Exams were going on in the examination hall. All the students were busy solving the question paper. Ishwar who was a brilliant student was also calmly solving his paper but his friend Manish who was sitting behind him was very dull in studies and was trying to catch Ishwar's attention for some help. After finishing the paper Ishwar was revising his paper, grabbing the opportunity Manish again indicated Ishwar for some help. Initially Ishwar was scared at the idea of helping him but when he looked at his friends sad face he placed his answer sheet in such a way so that Manish could copy easily but nothing skipped from the sharp eye of the teacher. He beated Ishwar for this, Ishwar got really hurt with this insult.

After the exam got over the teacher called Ishwar in the staff room and said, 'I am feeling really bad for beating you today'. Ishwar said, 'Sir, I was not cheating I was only helping Manish'. Sir then explained him, 'One who does wrong is certainly a sinner but one who helps the wrong doer is also a sinner. You were not helping Manish rather you were supporting his laziness and dulness. In future he will not be able to do anything without support'.

Moral: The result of every work is a mixture of good and bad. We must indulge ourselves in such works which result in betterment of others.

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