Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Forgiveness - The Biggest Virtue

Leo Tolstoy was not only a renowned writer but was also a very good human being. He always kept a good and kind behaviour towards everyone and had a forgiving nature towards people with bad behaviour. Tolstoy never stored bad feelings for anyone in his heart and taught his daughter the same. One of the examples of this is presented here -

One day while Tolstoy was doing the writing work in his room he suddenly heard his daughter crying. He came out of his room and held his daughter in his arms, wiping her tears he asked her that why was she crying? Still sobbing, his daughter told him that when she was playing with the boy in the neighbourhood they both had a fight and the boy hit her. While narrating the incident to her father the little girl got filled with agitation and she asked her dad for a whip to hit that boy. Calming down her daughter's anger, Tolstoy gave her a glass of soft drink and asked her to give it to that boy. The girl did as she was told. The boy got startled with this behaviour of hers and since that day they both became good friends.

Moral: Forgiveness always brings in positive results, instead of anger. Basically, vicious behaviour towards an amoral person fills him with vengeance and leads him towards more viciousness. Whereas, good behaviour will inspire him for reformation. Therefore, keep a big heart and learn to forgive.

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