Monday, April 11, 2011

King Cyrus Earned Immense Wealth By Giving Charity

Once upon a time, Cyrus, the king of Persia captivated Croesus, the king of Lydia. Cyrus was an upright, benevolent king. Seeing king Cyrus's endowment traits one day Croesus said to him, "If you will keep donating your treasure like this, then you will become penniless very soon." Croesus was also well-heeled, but he did not believe in charity. Therefore, he floated the same opinion to Cyrus. Cyrus questioned him, "From the time I sat on the throne until today if I had not given anything to anyone, can you guess how much assets I should possess?" Croesus said, "Immeasurable wealth."

Cyrus then said, "I will make an announcement amongst my subjects that I need a great amount of wealth for a very big project and then you see the result." People happily conducted in accordance with king's command, and as a result, there laid a pile of gold in front of the palace. Croesus said in surprise, "I had estimated less wealth than this." Then Cyrus said, "If I would not have used my wealth for donations and in public's interest, then my people would have hated me, but I did not do this and donated wholeheartedly. Therefore, my people love me a lot." Cyrus's answer opened Croesus's eyes.

Moral: Charity always increases your wealth because this generosity multiplies the blessings which flow from the soul of the needy people thousand times.

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