Thursday, October 7, 2010

The King Himself Reached Amongst The Mavericks

Once a small region in China set a revolt against the king of China. The king was very angry with this act of maverick workers. The commander and the ministers suggested the king to punish those mutineers severely. They said, 'Our army is ready to trample them, we are just waiting for your orders'. King thought for a while and said, 'Ok, I will also come with you'. The king with his army reached the borders of that region. Seeing the king coming the mutineers clam up. The king announced that either you surrender or you all will be punished severely. All the mutineers put down their weapons and stood folding their hands. The king asked them, 'Why did you revolt? What is your problem?'

The leader of the defiant said, 'King! We pay the taxes on time but no attention is paid on our security and facilities.' The king called his officer and asked them about the matter and he came to know that the leader of the mutineers was saying the truth. The king gave them the assurance and said, 'From today onwards full care will be taken of your security and facilities.' But the commander said, 'King! These people are not worth showing sympathy. They revolted against you, if you permit us we will teach them a good lesson.' The king said, 'The army is for the security of the country and it's people, not for trampling them. I have come here to establish peace not for revolution.'

Moral: Justice and the feeling of brotherhood can establish peace in any state or nation.

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