Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Progress Of A Woodcutter

Once there was a woodcutter who lived in a village with his family. Inspite of toiling day and night his life was encircled with scarcities. Observing his financial condition for many days, one day a Saint said to him, "My child! Move ahead - move ahead - move ahead...!" Listening to him, the woodcutter moved a little ahead from the place where he used to work and found a sandal wood forest there. He began cutting and selling sandal wood earning a good amount of money from it. One day again the Saint met him and explained him, "Do not stop at one level of progress in life or else you will putrefy like the water of lake. Therefore, keep moving, keep progressing."

The woodcutter again moved ahead from the sandal wood forests and this time he found copper mines. He earned a lot of money from that mine. Later, with continuous progress and efforts he found a silver mine and became affluent. Again the Saint explained him, "My son! Do not stop here. As you have earned so much money and riches with constant progress in life likewise happens in state of religion and good deeds." Now the woodcutter progressed on the path of good deeds and religious works. As a result he found gold and diamond mines and became very rich. Now there was no scarcity in his life and he was pleased and delighted.

Moral: Progression is another name for life which can be achieved only with continuous efforts. Stopping at one place will not only restrict our progress but will also make us feel discontented and unhappy. The feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment can be achieved only with the innovation and continuity of actions. Stagnation is the father of inertia and depression whereas progress leads to development, growth and happiness.

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