Sunday, February 27, 2011

Twayinski Gave The message Of Love & Affection

Twayinski, a very big patriot of Poland, was greatly famous for his philosophical ideas. People highly honored him for his ideals and thoughts. One day when it was raining heavily, only then Twayinski had to go out for some important work. When he stepped out of his house, a dog came running towards him and started showing him affection. Twayinski also responded to its affection with great love and started dandling it. At the same time Twayinski's friend came there and was amazed to see him soaked in mud. He saw that a dog was bouncing on Twayinski messing his clothes and Twayinski too was enjoying with the dog without even caring that he was covered in mud.

Seeing Twayinski's happiness, his friend said, "Brother, your behavior towards this dog is surprising me. This dog is splotching your expensive and precious clothes and instead of shooing it off you love him." Twayinski smiled and said, "This dog got me the first time and expressed great closeness considering me his friend. His feelings are admirable. If I brush him away in fascination of my precious clothes his feelings will get hurt. My expensive clothes are of no value in front of his love."

Moral: Every creature is the creation of God therefore considering God's presence in every creature and keeping a friendly behavior towards one, and everyone is preferable. Such feeling is the true worship of God.

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Good one.. The stories you put in your blogs are really good. No words to appreciate you.

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