Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Vidyasagar Taught Hundred Percent Use Of The Objects

Ishwarchandra Vidyasagar and Khudiraam Bose shared a strong bond of friendship. They both often used to meet and discuss several issues. One day Khudiram Bose came over to Vidyasagar's house and they both chatted for around two hours. Vidyasagar offered him fresh oranges to eat. Khudiraam praised the taste of oranges and ate them. When Vidyasagar saw that after peeling off the orange segments and sucking it Khudiraam is throwing them down, he said, "My friend, do not throw them down they will also be of some use." Khudiram asked him with surprise, "Whom will you give these to? For what can they be used now?" Vidyasagar said to him, "Keep them outside the window and move off, you will see it yourself."

Khudiram kept the sucked orange segments outside the window and moved off. Shortly, some crows came to pick up those segments. Then, Vidyasagar said, "As long as any substance can be of some use to any creature it should not be thrown away. In fact, it should be kept in such a way that it doesn't get destroyed by dust and soil and can be used by other creatures."

Moral: The utility of creating anything is only when it gives a hundred percent access. Therefore, before throwing away any object, other potential uses of the object should be considered.

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