Friday, March 4, 2011

George Washington Gave The Lesson Of Punctuality

George Washington, the former President of America, was a very punctual man. He used to do all his routine work at a scheduled time. His meal time and sleeping time were all fixed. Being familiar with his temperament the servants were also accustomed to work promptly. Washington was very strict in the observance of this rule. Once, after the U.S. Congress elections were held, Washington invited the elected new Congress members to dinner. His main aim was the mutual acquaintance amongst the members and also to allocate them their duties, but the members did not arrive at the appointed time. They arrived with some delay. On coming, they saw Washington having the dinner. Members were surprised to see Washington, and thought how the President could take dinner without even waiting for his guests.

Seeing their surprise Washington said, "Brothers, why are you so surprised? I do all my works on time therefore my cook doesn't wait for all the appointed guests to come, and lay the table at the predetermined time." The members realized their mistake and asked for an apology. In this way, Washington gave the lesson of punctuality to the new members of the U.S. Congress.

Moral: The time that has past never comes back. Each moment of this life is precious therefore do your works on time so that good results can be achieved.

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