Monday, March 14, 2011

Ho Chi Minh Understood That Pace Is Life

Ho Chi Minh, the National Hero of Vietnam wrote in one of his reminiscence, “When I was nine years old I failed in the school examination. I was very sad to see my poor exam results. My life seemed worthless and the entire world appeared to be dry and unstimulating, because of this mental turmoil and despair I thought of committing suicide. All my family members loved me a lot and they were all pained to see my disappointment. My father counseled me and tried to talk some sense into me, mother showed me great affection, the family priest gave many spell proven fruits, but everything proved futile and meaningless. I passed the days in discomfort and nights without sleep. One day I quietly ran away from home.

When I was passing near a Buddhist Monastery I heard a monk singing a melodious poem, which touched my heart. He was singing, ‘Why the water doesn’t get muddy? Because it flows. Why do not the obstacles come in the path of water? Because it flows. Why does a drop of water becomes a waterfall, a waterfall becomes a stream, a stream becomes a river, and a river becomes a sea? Because it flows. Therefore my life you do not stop, keep flowing, keep flowing.’ For a long time I kept standing speechless. When I returned I was like flowing water, even today I am like flowing water. I go all over the place and spread whatever pace is left in me because I am like flowing water, I am on the move.”

Moral: Never get disheartened on the failure of an achievement and never let the negative thoughts dominate you instead taking lesson from your failure progress towards another better goal. Being in motion is life and being motionless is death.

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