Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Fig Tree Come Into Bloom With Composure And Assiduity

Once there was a wealthy businessman, who owned numerous castles and magnificent palaces. He was very fond of verdancy and therefore allocated a vast area for plantation. In his spare time, he often used to visit his gardens and inquire the gardener about each plant and tree. The gardener was also very loyal and devoted and did all his work with complete honesty and diligence. Keeping a watchful eye on every big and small plant, he took care of them with complete concentration and intentness. One day, the businessman asked the gardener to plant a fig tree. The next day, the gardener brought the fig plant and planted it carefully. Months elapsed, but the fig tree did not fructify. Seeing this, the businessman grew very upset and said to the gardener, “From past three years this tree has been using a vast area of land, but it has not born me a single fruit. This tree has proved fruitless. Cut it down.”

The gardener said, “Master, give me one year’s time. I will dig a basin around this tree and fertilize it with the best manure. Our equanimity and efforts will become fruitful and give new life to this stump. But even then if this tree did not effloresce, I will cut it.” The businessman agreed and next year the fig tree actually bore fruit.

Moral: Self-confidence and hard work brings success. Therefore, instead of conceding to our failure we must continuously strive for better results.

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