Monday, March 7, 2011

Ranade Explained The Benefits Of Keeping The Tongue In Control

One day, a friend of Mahadev Govind Ranade sent a basket of mangoes to their home. Ranade's wife Ramabai washed the mangoes and kept them before Ranade to eat. Having two three slices of mangoes Ranade praised its taste and said to his wife, "You also eat this and give it to the servants also." Ramabai was surprised to see that her husband only had the two three slices of the mango. So she asked her asked husband if his health was all right. Ranade said, "You must be thinking if these mangoes are so delicious then why didn't I eat much? These mangoes are indeed very delicious therefore I am not taking much." Ramabai didn't understand her husband's strange reply.

Then Ranade said, "During my childhood there was a woman in our neighborhood who was extremely rich, but unfortunately lost all her wealth and riches. With great difficulty she used to earn two meals a day for her son and herself. Many a times sitting alone she used to say to herself, "I have been an epicure throughout my life but now I explain my tongue that the days of getting four-six dishes a meal have gone. Many kinds of sweets are now rare and there is no use missing those dishes, still my tongue doesn't understand this, while my son feels contented even after eating this dry meal." Hearing that woman I made a rule to eat only a little of the food that my tongue likes."

Moral: Reducing your needs not only let you enjoy the comfortable days of life but also not let you suffer in the days of pain.

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