Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Soldiers Bowed In Front Of Napoleon's Courage

Napoleon with some of his troops was going somewhere only then his general, Marchera along with nearly six-thousand soldiers blocked his way. He came with the intention of killing Napoleon. Napoleon had such a big army of soldiers that he could have easily faced the general, but he said, "I do not want to shed the blood of my own countrymen" and he mounted on a horse and advanced towards the enemy forces all alone. Being 50 meters off from the enemy forces he dismounted from the horse and moved forward on foot. Now when he was only ten meters away, Marchera targeted Napoleon and ordered his troop to fire. Pressing of a single trigger could have changed the destiny of France, but no finger pressed the trigger. Marchera's soldier ignored his orders.

Napoleon said, "Soldiers! If any one of you want to kill his emperor then accomplish your desire, I am standing alone." No one said anything. Soldiers put the guns down on the earth and began the acclamation of Emperor Napoleon. Napoleon said to an old soldier, "You raised the gun to kill me?" The soldier's eye filled with tears. He showed his gun. There was no bullet in it. The entire army had filled only ammunitions in the guns for the sound.

Moral: Where leaders are valiant and they themselves come in front to face any crisis, even their followers are loyal to them.

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