Monday, March 21, 2011

The Son Bought An Eternal Fruit For His Father

Once there was a father-son. The father often used to assign some market works to his little son so that he could acquire mundaneness. The son also used to do those works gleefully. One day, the father saw that the fruits were finished in the house. He called his son and giving him some money asked him to buy fresh fruits. When the son was on his way to the market he came across some extremely impoverished people. He felt rueful seeing their condition. There were no clothes on their body and they were dying of starvation. Having pity on them, he gave them all the money which he had kept to buy fruits. The poor people gave him a lot of blessings and bought food for themselves with that money. The boy felt exceedingly delighted and with a joyful heart he returned home empty-handed.

Seeing him empty-handed his father asked him, "Son, why didn't you bring the fruits?" Smiling happily the boy replied, "Father, I have got an eternal fruit for you." Father asked him in surprise which fruit was that. With innocence and pride the boy said, "Father, today I saw some impecunious and famished people on the way. I couldn’t see their hunger and gave them all the money I had. The food bought with that money must have satisfied their today's hunger. Father, if we would have eaten fruits with that money our mouth would have turned sweet for a few minutes, but isn’t the taste of this fruit going to last forever?" Hearing this his father happily patted his back on his instinct of compassion.

Moral: Helping needy people is our moral duty. This not only earns us virtue but also we obtain eternal and infinite delight and contentment. So, whenever and however we are in a position to help, we must help wholeheartedly.

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