Monday, May 9, 2011

Robber Was Appointed The Chief Guard

Once upon a time, there was a robber who carried out countless robberies in his life time. One day, he heard about a spiritual gathering been held nearby. The robber decided to wait there until the sacred gathering got over and then rob a rich man in private. He quietly sat in a corner waiting for the spiritual gathering to get finished. It is often said that good company always bring positive effects, even if the company is for a short while. The robber got terrified when he heard Sage's words that every man gets terribly punished for his sins after death. When the spiritual discourse got ended, the robber approached the Sage and asked him, "I am a robber and cannot get rid of this habit. What Shall I do?" The Sage suggested him to stop speaking lie. The robber agreed on that.

One day, the robber went to the palace for heisting. The guard asked him who he was. The man replied that he was a robber. The guard thought that he was someone from the palace and got upset on been questioned, so he let him went inside. The robber collected plenty of materials from the palace and filled it in a box. On coming out, again the guard asked him what he was taking. The robber replied that he was taking a box full of gems. The guard asked him with whose permission he was taking them. The robber replied with decisiveness, "I am stealing it." Guard took it as a joke and let him go. The next day, there was a panic in the palace. On been questioned, the guard presented the whole matter before the king. The king ordered for the robber's search and summoned him in his court. Been happy with the robber's honesty, the king appointed him the chief guard of the palace.

Moral: Truth is worth respect and award in every stage of life whereas inveracity can earn immediate benefits, but it can never be long lasting.

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