Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Boy Was Taught The Meaning Of Generosity

Pundit Madan Mohan Malviya was a pioneer in public welfare activities and would certainly take on the paths which lead to the wellbeing of the common man. Pundit ji used to travel day and night when he was collecting donations for the Kashi University. He went to large institutions and to well-heeled men and politely kept his demands in front of them, and humbly accepted the contribution they offered. Malviya ji never asked for excessive contribution and when returned empty handed he never complained. One day he went to a wealthy merchant's house in Kolkata to ask for a donation. The merchant welcomed him warmly. When they were drinking tea, the merchant's son also came and sat there. When Malviya ji was about to tell the merchant about the purpose of his arrival, the merchant's son sitting near by took out a matchstick and burnt it uselessly. The merchant slapped his son in anger.

Seeing that Malviya ji felt sorry, and he got up and walked away silently. The merchant came behind Malviya ji and asked him the reason of his visit. When Malviya ji told him the purpose of his coming the merchant took him inside with all due respect and giving him the check of 50 thousand rupees the merchant said, "Generosity befits only if it is contextual." He further continued, "If today my son will not understand the value of one matchstick then how he will value his wealth and possessions in future."

Moral: Whatever physical property we have should be consumed by considering its appropriate importance. Misuse of property is the path leading to its deprivation, and its proper use is a medium of its elevation and gives us inner satisfaction.

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