Monday, September 19, 2011

Dr Rajendra Prasad's Gentle Behaviour Embarrassed A Young Man

India's first President Dr Rajendra Prasad was an extremely intelligent, quiet and a composed man. He always kept himself away from unnecessary anger and excitement. Whenever his associates would do anything wrong he would correct them affectionately. Once upon a time Dr Rajendra Prasad was going from Patna to his village. At that time, the only way of reaching the village was through crossing the river by boat or steamer as buses and trains were not easily accessible. Rajendra Prasad sat down with other passengers in the steamer in its ease. After a while, a young man got up and walked inside the cabin and began to smoke.

Since, Dr. Rajendra Prasad kept away from all these addictions; therefore he began having trouble with the smoke of the cigarette. He began to cough loudly. He tolerated the smoke for a while, but when he started choking he went to the young man and asked quietly, "Young man, is this your cigarette?" The young man puffed loudly and with his nose in the air said, "Do you think it is yours?" Then Dr Prasad said, "If the cigarette is yours then its smoke is also yours then why are you throwing it on others?" Listening to this, the young man felt embarrassed and throwing away his cigarette he apologized to him.

Moral: Wooly-minded cannot be shown the right direction through pressure rather they should be dealt with affectionate reasoning and logic.

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