Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Soldier Won Case Against King Philip

King Philip was the king of Macedonia and father of Alexander the Great. Philip was exceedingly dexterous at operating the state affairs, but sometimes even he would make mistakes. Once upon a time, King Philip received a complaint against one of his soldiers. Finally, the case was held in the king's court. Date of hearing was fixed. The soldier said that he was innocent, but the complainant was calling him guilty. The complainant and the soldier both appeared in the court of King Philip on the fixed date.

Soon the trial began. Both of them began to keep their side of the story, meanwhile king Philip fell asleep. King slumbered during the entire hearing he woke up when the hearing got over and without thinking he passed the verdict against his soldier. Hearing the decision the soldier said, "This decision is wrong. I appeal against it." Since king's decision is considered as the final judgment, therefore, King Philip said, "To whom will you appeal?". The soldier replied firmly, "I will appeal to awaked king Philip against sleeping king Philip." The king became speechless at soldier's reply and rectifying his decision he pardoned the soldier.

Moral: Instead of bearing injustice we must appeal against it in order to get the appropriate justice. With this, the moral atmosphere of the society would also become refined.

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