Friday, November 2, 2012

Why To Depend On Others For Every Little Help?

Once upon a time a cavalier was going somewhere. While riding the horse, suddenly the whip slipped off his hand. There was a group of travelers which was walking along the horse cart. He could have easily asked somebody to pass him the whip, but he did not ask anyone to pick up the whip for him. Instead, the cavalier himself descended from the horse picked up the whip and began to ride the horse again. Seeing this one of the traveler said, "Oh brother! Why did you take the pain to come down and pick the whip? We could have given you that." The cavalier replied, "Dear brother, thank you for being so kind and courteous, but how can I accept any help from you? God has ordered that when someone oblige you, you must return the favor to that person. I do not know any one of you in person nor do you know me personally. How will I carry the load of your favor?"

The travelers felt surprised at the reply, and they said, "Oh brother! What made you think it could be a favor? Picking up the whip from the ground did not involve any special effort. The cavalier replied, "Seeking help in every small activity makes you lazy and this eventually results in being dependent on others for every little work. I personally feel that one should not seek for others help unless there is an extreme adverse condition. Asking help merely for comfort is not correct. This habit makes people lose their freedom and make them a subordinate under someone. This hampers the self development of a human being."

Moral - Fit and healthy people should carry out their work themselves, and they should not depend on others for help. Human beings are capable of performing simple and every day tasks on their own. Increasing dependency results in laziness which results in obesity. Make your children do their daily work on their own. This will make them more responsible, active and confident.

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