Friday, September 3, 2010

Be Humble To Receive God's Blessings

Once there was a lady who had no child and therefore she was in a great sorrow. She tried all the suggested ways but nothing worked for her. Then one day someone gave her the address of Saint Chidamber Dixit saying that he is a very holy person and whomever he blesses their wishes get fulfilled. The lady reached Saint Chidamber's ashram but there was a swarm of worshippers there. The Saint gave a handful of roasted chickpeas to the lady and told her to sit under a tree and eat them and he will call her after a while. The lady sat under the tree and started eating chickpeas.

Seeing her eating chickpeas the small children who were playing around the tree came to her and said, 'We also want to eat, give us some chickpeas'.Hearing this the lady shouted in anger, 'I will not give you anything, run away from here'. AlL the children ran away from there except one, he again said, 'Why are you eating it alone? Share it with me...' The lady scolded him badly and he too ran away in fear. When she finished eating chickpeas the Saint called for the lady and asked her the reason for her visit. The lady put forth her wish for a child. The Saint said, 'Only those who have a large heart full of love can be blessed with a child. You could not even share a handful of chickpeas with the small children, then how can God bless you with a child? Go, go back...'

Moral: Expansion is life and contraction is death. The one who has love and affection for everyone around him receives the same and is alive in a true sense whereas a selfish person even being alive is worth dead.

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