Saturday, May 22, 2010

Beggar - The Giver, King - The Receiver

Once there was a beggar who believed that one must authorise whatever he receives. One day he went to the posh area of his town for beggary. He received some grains from one house putting them in his bag he moved ahead. Suddenly he saw that the king of the town seated in his chariot was coming towards his direction. He stood there to see the king's procession, but to his surprise the king's chariot came to a halt near him. The king got down from the chariot, stretched out his hand before the beggar and said, "I beg you to give me something. Our country is about to face some trouble, the Pandits told me to beg before the first beggar I meet on the way as this will terminate the problem. So kindly do not refuse."

On hearing this the beggar felt astounded, but believing king's words he dived his hand into the bag. He filled a fist full of grain from it, but then thought he would not give away this much. Therefore, he loosed his fist and dropped some grains back into his bag. Again he thought that he would not give this much grain, otherwise what will his family eat. Finally, he gave away a miser amount of grain to the king. On returning home, he told his wife about the whole incident. She was also surprised to hear about the whole matter. Later, his wife found a gold coin in the bag while emptying it. Seeing that the beggar regretted and said, "Why did not I give everything to the king? My lifetime poverty would have ended had I done the charity with wholeheartedness."

Moral: Charity gets reciprocated in large profits some day if we do it wholeheartedly. Therefore, we must all contribute to the society whole-souled as charity bring in prosperity.

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