Saturday, May 29, 2010

No One Accepted Human Head

One day King Ashoka and one of his minister was going somewhere on a chariot. After travelling for a while, they came across a beggar, and the king asked the charioteer to stop. The king dismounted the chariot to meet the beggar, but before leaving, he bowed his head before the beggar and then he moved ahead. The minister did not appreciate this gesture by the king and asked him why had he bowed his head before that beggar. King Ashoka told to him that he would reply to that question the next day. The next day, he gave one bag to his minister in which there was a human head, a goat head and a cow head and told his minister to sell it out.

On hearing this the minister got confused thinking who would buy this, but following king's order he went to sell them, and as he had thought no one bought it. He came back to the king and told him everything. This time the king asked him to offer it for free of cost and the minister managed to gave out the cow and goat head, but no one agreed to take the human head. On hearing this the king smiled and said, "This is the reply for your question, which you asked me yesterday. Human head, which is worthless for mankind, does not loose anything, if it is bowed before any humble and polite person. The fame of being a king is transitory, but love and respect are forever."

Moral: The pride for a position bring in disrespect whereas love and respect get reciprocated in the same measure.

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