Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Selfless Saint

Once King Vidabh of Shravasti attacked the kingdom of Kapilavastu. The army of Kapilavastu was not prepared for the attack and thus could not protect its kingdom and the king had to flee from there. King Vidabh and his soldiers entered the kingdom of Kapilavastu and started plundering and looting. The people got extremely terrified. During that time, there was a saint named Mahanama who lived in Kapilavastu, he could not see people's pain and sorrow. Therefore, he went to King Vidabh who was once his disciple and said to him, "Oh king! I beg you for the protection of people's life and assets." King Vidabh said, '"You are my teacher and I will not harm you, but I have taken a pledge to destroy Kapilavastu." Mahanama said, "Dear king, do you remember that you still owe Gurudakshina to me, and today I ask you for the protection of these people as my Gurudakshina."

King Vidabh wanted to give Gurudakshina to his teacher, but also fulfill his pledge, so he said to the saint, "There is a pool nearby, as long as you will be in the pool nobody will be attacked, but as you come out of it the plundering will restart." The saint accepted the king's proposal and entered the pool, he went deep inside the pool and tied himself to a pillar. After a long while the divers took out his dead body. Seeing this king Vidabh got filled with remorse and he returned with his army.

Moral: Some times for the attainment of some goals people have to be ready for self sacrifice as it also gives inspiration to others.

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