Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Oschev - The Real Fighter

Oshchev was a famous Stunt Pilot of Roose. He mesmerized everyone, his officials and friends with his fighting skills. Oshchev had full faith and trust in God and believed he could accomplish great tasks with this faith. Once while fighting with the enemies the engine of his fighter plane failed and crash into a small mountain nearby. Oshchev got terribly hurt and lost both his legs. All his friends who came to visit him had tears in their eyes and one of them said to him in choked voice, 'We will never be able to see you fly again'.

Oshchev smiled and said, 'Lord has saved me to live and remain as a fighter otherwise I would have died then and there'. Everyone took it as a false consolation but soon after recovering from hospital Oshchev got artificial limbs fitted and practised walking day and night. His friends tried to explain him that this could worse his wounds but he ignored them all. Friends asked him on what basis is he talking about being a Stunt Pilot again? He simply replied, 'My trust and faith is with me'. Soon he started walking without sticks and seeing his progress and confidence he was taken back in army. His faith and confidence won and handicapped Oshchev once again became a Stunt Pilot.

Moral: Any work done with complete faith in God and trust in oneself leads to success.

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